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NADIS was formed in 1995 to promote animal health and welfare through better disease control and prevention. NADIS recognises this is best achieved by active veterinary health planning. Key to improving health is disease surveillance and veterinary based, animal health Knowledge Transfer, delivered to farmers by their veterinary surgeon.


Since NADIS was formed in 1995 it has monitored diseases in cattle ,sheep and pigs across the UK. 60 veterinary practices and the farm animal units from 6 veterinary colleges have taken part in the scanning surveillance, recording all the diseases they encountered on a daily basis. This information was loaded onto a central data base every week and monthly reports produced, so disease trends could be monitored and early variations from normal trends detected. NADIS has worked closely with industry bodies, AHDB, HCC, QMS and BPEX

Graph - Enzootic Pneumonia

Graph - Hypomagnesaemia

Graph - Summer Mastitis

Knowledge Transfer

NADIS has developed a unique Online veterinary based animal health resource for farmers. The information is written by veterinary experts, peer reviewed and presented in a practical format with a high visual clinical content to improve disease awareness. Over the last 3 years NADIS has taken part in the RDPE Animal Health and Welfare programme for England, providing training, delivered by veterinary practices to their farmers in seminars, workshops, small groups and online. NADIS is working with 70 veterinary practices in all 8 RDPE regions with over 11,000 farmers trained in the last 12 months. NADIS has KT schemes running in Wales and Scotland. NADIS is working with NPTC City and Guilds to provide industry recognised certificates for continuing professional development of livestock keepers.


NADIS KT Practices

Distribution of Veterinary Practices delivering NADIS knowledge transfer training


Continuing Professional Development for farmers and livestock keepers

The unique Online resource of veterinary based animal health bulletins comprehensively cover diseases affecting cattle and sheep in the UK.

Bulletin Cluster

At the end of each bulletin a set of multiple choice questions (mcqs) can be used as a self assessment of the key learning points in the text. Recognising the early signs of disease is key to improving health and NADIS uses a extensive library of clinical images and video footage to achieve this. The MCQs are marked electronically and a NADIS Animal Health certificate will be e mailed to the participant immediately with his or her name, disease the training has been based on and the score.


A typical NADIS knowledge transfer certificate

Certificates can be kept as a record of training for farm health planning.


Parasite Forecast

NADIS publishes a monthly Parasite Forecast for farmers and livestock keepers, based on detailed Met office data. The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different regions of the UK. The Parasite Forecast is used to promote SCOPS recommendations in a seasonal context and underlines the importance of parasite control being part of a veterinary health plan. National Parasite Forecasts are being developed for Wales, Scotland and England.

UKMapRegionsColoured (Key)


Disease Alert

Monthly Disease Alerts are published, highlighting diseases that are particularly prevalent for that time of the year in a timely fashion. If you would like to receive an update please fill in your e mail, text details in the space provide and indicate the species you would like to receive information on - dairy/beef/sheep/pigs

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Veterinary Director - Mike Howe B Vet Med MRCVS

Livestock Editor - Dave Williams BVSc MRCVS

Livestock Editorial Panel


Dr Richard Laven, B Vet Med, PhD, MRCVS

Andrew White, BVMS, DBR, Cert BR, MRCVS

Mark White, BVSc, LLB, DPM, MRCVS


If you would like any further information please contact NADIS using our online form.