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Blowfly Alert

The Blowfly Alert forecasts the level of strike risk for different regions of the UK. It will be updated monthly through July to October. The forecasts are supported by on farm reporting of cases – to report a case in your flock please click the link below.

Parasite Forecast

NADIS publishes a monthly Parasite Forecast for farmers and livestock keepers, based on detailed Met Office data. The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different UK regions.This month’s webinar focuses on Monepantel resistance, PGE and Haemonchosis in Sheep and PGE and Lungworm in Cattle.

This Month's Featured Animal Health Issues

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Pig Quarterly Seasonal Update

This quarterly update reviews emerging threats to the pig indudustry fro data analysed by the APHA pig Expert Group.

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Mating for Early Lambing

The onset of the breeding season can be manipulated by the ram effect, Melatonin implant, PMSG injections following progesterone sponges.

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Fly Strike

Blowfly strike is a serious welfare issue and can cause death in sheep Adult flies are attracted to faecal staining or footrot lesions. Maggots can often be seen on the skin.

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A sudden drop in milk yield occurs two to seven days after infection of susceptible cows. The udder becomes soft and flabby with colostrum-like secretions or blood-tinged milk in all quarters.

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Ingestion of large numbers of larvae over a short period of time causes acute disease with lethargy, weakness, and rapid loss of condition.

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Lungworm in cattle

Cattle severely affected by lungworm may be reluctant to move, cough frequently with their neck extended and have an increased respiratory rate.


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Parasite Forecast

This month’s webinar focuses on Monepantel resistance, PGE and Haemonchosis in Sheep and Cattle PGE and Lungworm.

Mastitis Resource

Mastitis is one of the major health issues affecting the dairy industry with major impact on productivity. This resource is essential reading for those on the sharp end in the parlour and...

Cattle Medicine Resource

This cattle health resource raises awareness of a wide range of conditions that affect cattle health, from eye and nervous conditions through to plant poisoning.

Cattle and Sheep Skin Conditions Resource

This resource covers parasitic and non-parasitic skin diseases of cattle and sheep. It is highly visual and covers a range of skin conditions.

Sheep Fertility Resource

This resource contains practical information on preventing sheep abortion, breeding for early lambing and the importance of ram management.

Pig Diseases and Quarterly Update Resource

This resource covers the common conditions affecting pigs in the UK. The resource is essential reading for small and medium sized pig producers and those working in the pig industry.


Best Practice For Sheep Scab Control


New Parasite Control Package launched for vets

NADIS has launched a new parasite...



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