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Disease Alert

Now dairy cows are all housed, there is an increased risk of developing sole ulcers. As ewes get closer to lambing and the weather gets colder, sheep farmers also need to keep an eye on nutrition to prevent twin lamb disease. In this month’s webinar, James Aitken of Orchard Vets talks about prevention and management of these important conditions.

Parasite Forecast

NADIS publishes a monthly Parasite Forecast for farmers and livestock keepers, based on detailed Met Office data. The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different UK regions.This month’s webinar focuses on Liver Fluke Warning, chronic fluke disease in sheep and cattle, sheep scab and sheep and cattle lice.

This Month's Featured Animal Health Issues

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Sole Ulceration

Sole ulcers are a very common cause of lameness in dairy cows. They occur when the pedal bone pinches on the site of horn production. Risk factors include increased standing times, especially on co...

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Twin Lamb Disease

Twin lamb disease occurs when energy intake does not match foetal demand. Animals become detached, dull and blind and progress to recumbence and death. Treatment with glucose or glucose precursors ...

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Vaginal Prolapse

Vaginal prolapse affects approximately 1% of ewes in the last month of pregnancy. It is most common in over-conditioned ewes carrying multiple lambs. Diagnosis is obvious, and treatment by replacem...

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Louse infestations can cause skin irritation, and also production losses due to reduced feeding and reduced hide quality. It is most common during housing. There are several species of louse, but a...

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Measuring fertility - benchmarking

One of the biggest economic factors on dairy farms is fertility management, and it is important to know how your herd is performing. To evaluate fertility status requires records - a minimum of cal...

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Copper poisoning in sheep

Some breeds of sheep are particularly susceptible to copper poisoning. It is common following inadvertent over-supplementation, or overfeeding concentrates higher in copper than required. Sheep may...


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Parasite Forecast

This month’s webinar focuses on the liver fluke warning, chronic fluke disease in sheep and cattle, sheep scab and sheep and cattle lice.

Lameness in Dairy Herds Resource

Lameness in dairy cows can have a major impact on productivity and welfare. Nick Bell MRCVS , one of the UKs leading authorities on dairy lameness has produced the NADIS dairy lameness re...

Sheep Fertility Resource

This resource contains practical information on preventing sheep abortion, breeding for early lambing and the importance of ram management.

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This resource covers the common conditions affect poultry in the UK in a practical format. The resource is essential reading small and medium sized producers and those working in the pou...

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This resource covers, in a practical format, the common conditions affecting Game Birds in the UK. In each issue there will be a health update highlighting conditions to watch out for in ...

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This resource covers the common conditions affecting pigs in the UK in a practical format. The resource is essential reading for small and medium sized pig producers and those working in ...


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