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Disease Alert

In this month’s webinar James Aitken of Orchard Veterinary Group details the treatment and preventive measures you can take to protect your herd from the effects of digital dermatitis, along with discussion of the more common causes of abortion in ewes.

Parasite Forecast

NADIS publishes a monthly Parasite Forecast for farmers and livestock keepers, based on detailed Met Office data. The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different UK regions.This month’s webinar focuses on chronic liver fluke and lice and mites cattle and sheep and worms in store lambs and yearlings.

This Month's Featured Animal Health Issues

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Digital Dermatitis

Bovine digital dermatitis is an infectious condition of the foot cause by bacteria called Treponemes. Lesions can have a highly variable appearance. Once a herd is infected, digital dermatitis appe...

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Enzootic Abortion

EAE is still the main cause of ovine abortion in the UK, typically in the last 3 weeks of gestation. Disease is acquired from exposure of susceptible sheep to infected uterine discharges and aborte...

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Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning follows ingestion of lead-containing materials such as material from discarded car batteries. Poisoning is characterised by acute brain disease with affected animals becoming isolate...

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Environmental Mastitis

Environmental mastitis is caused by pathogens spread primarily outside the milking parlour. This is the most prevalent mastitis pattern in the UK today. Depending on the time of year, attention may...

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Clostridial Disease

There are many diseases caused by clostridial bacteria, including Balckleg, Pulpy Kidney and Tetanus amongst others. The over-riding clinical sign for all these diseases is sudden death. Vaccinatio...

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Malignant Oedema

Malignant oedema can be caused by various clostridia and has been reported after contaminated intramuscular injections. There is extensive oedema causing swelling and pain at the site of infection ...


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Parasite Forecast

This month's Parasite Forecast focuses on chronic liver fluke and lice and mites in cattle and sheep and worms in store lambs and yearlings.

Sheep Abortion

Lambs can be lost at any point during pregnancy. In this webinar, Peers Davies MA VetMB MRCVS, discusses the causes of sheep abortion and what should be done to prevent and treat it.

Cattle Medicine Resource

This cattle health resource raises awareness of a wide range of conditions that affect cattle health, from eye and nervous conditions through to plant poisoning. The importance of early r...

Pig Diseases and Quarterly Update Resource

This resource covers the common conditions affecting pigs in the UK in a practical format. The resource is essential reading for small and medium sized pig producers and those working in ...

Lambing Health Resource

Lambing is a critical stage in sheep production with a major impact on productivity and welfare. The lambing resource is essential reading for shepherds and highlights ewe nutrition and p...

Trace Element Deficiencies in Cattle and Sheep Resource

Mineral deficiencies affect cattle and sheep and can have a significant impact on productivity and welfare. This health resource covers the main trace element deficiencies that affect cat...



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