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Blowfly Alert

The Blowfly Alert forecasts the level of strike risk for different regions of the UK. It will be updated every two weeks through April and May and monthly through June to October. The forecasts are supported by on farm reporting of cases – to report a case in your flock please click the link below.

Parasite Forecast

NADIS publishes a monthly Parasite Forecast for farmers and livestock keepers, based on detailed Met Office data. The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different UK regions.This month’s webinar focuses on worming ewes at lambing time, Nematodirus forecasts, Nematodirus control, Coccidiosis in lambs and worm control in cattle

This Month's Featured Animal Health Issues

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Dairy and Beef Calf Scour

Diarrhoea or calf scour can be a major cause of poor growth and calf mortality in many dairy herds. The incidence and severity of disease is highly dependent upon the level of colostral protection ...

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Nematodirus (nematodirosis) is an important disease affecting young lambs managed on pasture grazed by young lambs the previously year. Infestation causes profuse diarrhoea during the late spring /...

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Cryptosporidiosis in calves

Cryptosporidium parvum is not host-specific and outbreaks of calf diarrhoea may occur when there is a build up of infection in mixed accommodation/grazing with young lambs.

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Coccidiosis in Lambs

Out of the fifteen different types of coccidia that may affect sheep there are only two that are recognised as causing disease in the UK. These "pathogenic" species are Eimeria ovinoidalis and Eime...

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Coccidiosis in calves

Coccidiosis in young calves is caused by infection by protozoan parasites called Eimeria spp. which parasitize the lining of the alimentary tract causing diarrhoea.

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Disease of new born lambs

Various diseases can affect new born lambs


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Nematodirus Webinar

In this webinar Professor Mike Taylor discusses what is Nematodirosis, how the infection is transmitted, how to remove risk and how to treat it.

Parasite Forecast

This month’s webinar focuses on worming ewes at lambing time, Nematodirus forecasts, Nematodirus control, Coccidiosis in lambs and Worm control in cattle

Pig Diseases and Quarterly Update Resource

This resource covers the common conditions affecting pigs in the UK in a practical format. The resource is essential reading for small and medium sized pig producers and those working in ...

Calf Management Resource

With the onset of the pneumonia season, the calf management resource is essential reading for those involved in calf rearing and highlights the importance of early recognition of the comm...

Trace Element Deficiencies in Cattle and Sheep Resource

Mineral deficiencies affect cattle and sheep and can have a significant impact on productivity and welfare. This health resource covers the main trace element deficiencies that affect....

Lambing Health Resource

Lambing is a critical stage in sheep production with a major impact on productivity and welfare. The lambing resource is essential reading for shepherds and highlights ewe nutrition and....


Best Practice For Sheep Scab Control


New Parasite Control Package launched for vets

NADIS has launched a new parasite...



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