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Disease Alert

In this month’s webinar James Aitken of Orchard Vets talks about common worms in cattle as well as worming strategies to prevent anthelmintic resistance and protect the effectiveness of wormers into the future.

Parasite Forecast

NADIS publishes a monthly Parasite Forecast for farmers and livestock keepers, based on detailed Met Office data. The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different UK regions.This month’s webinar focuses on worming ewes at lambing time, Nematodirus control, Coccidiosis in lambs and worm control in cattle.

This Month's Featured Animal Health Issues

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Anthelmintic resistance

Having relied on anthelmintics for decades, it is important to retain their effectiveness in the future. Although there is a chance of resistance every time a drug is used, it can be minimised by ...

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Clostridial disease in sheep

There are many diseases caused by clostridial bacteria, including Balckleg, Pulpy Kidney and Tetanus amongst others. The over-riding clinical sign for all these diseases is sudden death. Vaccinatio...

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Bracken poisoning

Acute bracken poisoning can cause illness and sudden death in cows and sheep from bone marrow suppression causing loss of blood cells and clotting factors leading to bleeding and anaemia. Ingestion...

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Tooth Problems in Sheep

Loss of incisor teeth (broken mouth) is a major problem leading to early culling because sheep are unable to bite off short pasture leading to malnutrition. Overgrown, worn or absent molar teeth ca...

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Cow Tracks

Better cow tracks will not only improve foot health but can improve udder hygiene, improve cow flow saving the herdsman’s time and reducing cow stress, extend grazing season (through better field a...

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Parasitic Gastroenteritis (PGE)

PGE, or gut worms, usually affects growing cattle during their first grazing season. Infection is picked up from contaminated pasture. Infection pressure is heavily dependent on current and histor...


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Nematodirosis in Lambs

In this webinar Professor Mike Taylor discusses what is Nematodirosis, how the infection is transmitted, how to remove risk and how to treat it.

Selective Dry Cow Therapy

In this webinar Dr James Breen discusses what is selective dry cow therapy and the reasons to use a selective approach and the importance of an aseptic infusion technique.

Parasite Forecast

This month's Parasite Forecast focuses on planning ahead for parasite control, worming ewes at lambing, reducing the Nematodirus risk and worm control in cattle.

Dairy Fertility Resource

Efficient fertility management in the dairy herd is essential for good productivity. This dairy fertility resource deals with a wide range of fertility issues and is essential reading for...

Sheep Infectious Disease Resource

This resource deals with the common infectious diseases that affect the UK flock. It raises awareness of the early signs of disease shepherds need to watch out for, and highlights the imp...

Game Bird Diseases and Quarterly Updates

This resource covers, in a practical format, the common conditions affecting Game Birds in the UK. In each issue there will be a health update highlighting conditions to watch out for in ...


Avian Influenza

Free-range poultry keepers have been ordered to move their birds indoors...

Book Review

2nd Edition Sheep Medicine by Dr Phillip Scott FRCVS



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