New Parasite Control Package launched for vets

NADIS has launched a new parasite control package for vet practices, to help them engage with more farmers on the topic of parasite control.

The parasite control package includes a more detailed, local (40km2) monthly parasite forecast, branded with the practice details, interactive parasite control planners for cattle and sheep and PowerPoint presentations for vets to use at farmer meetings to promote the benefits of using the planners.

Practices that subscribe will be able to select the area that their farmers are located in, and securely upload farmer's details. The practice will then receive monthly alerts and forecasts, which can be easily personalised and forwarded out to their farmers by email. The forecasts will include Nematodirus and fluke forecasts initially, and can be used in conjunction with the parasite control planners.

The planners allow vets and farmers to work together to produce a yearly plan for parasite control, encouraging optimal management and treatment strategies. The planner is highly visual, interactive and easy to use. It can be used to complement existing health plans, or to engage those farmers who do not currently have health plans.

Professor Mike Taylor, a recognised European veterinary specialist in parasitology and a founding member of SCOPS and COWS, comments; 'The parasite control package offers practices an opportunity, and the platform, to engage farmers in parasite control, ensuring that correct advice on treatment and management is given. This will benefit both the health and productivity of animals on farm, while also promoting the responsible use of anthelmintics.' Professor Taylor has worked alongside NADIS to develop the planners, and produces the monthly parasite forecasts from detailed Met Office data.

If you would like more information please visit where you will also find contact details of your regional veterinary advisor