WARNING: Due to the record temperatures reached in February, NADIS wishes to highlight the SCOPS Nematodirus forecast, which is currently predicting moderate risk in many parts of the UK. In such areas, peak risk could occur within the next 2 weeks if conditions remain favourable. NADIS produces its own Nematodirus risk forecast from mid-March onwards. Due to these unprecedented circumstances, however, it is possible that hatch may have already occurred in some areas by this time. We therefore encourage farmers, vets and SQPs to check for Nematodirus risk in their area using the SCOPS forecast to avoid being caught out by disease outbreaks earlier in the season than would usually be expected.

SCOPS press release: http://www.scops.org.uk/news/1689/lambs-at-risk-from-nematodirus-much-earlier-this-year-than-last-warns-scops/