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TB - Cattle Biosecurity

What risk does bovine tuberculosis (bovine Tb) present to your farm?

Bovine tuberculosis (bTb) is an infectious disease of cattle and one of the biggest challenges facing the cattle farming industry today, particularly in the west and south west of England and South Wales; Scotland is considered Tb-free by the EU. Bovine tuberculosis is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium (M.) bovis, which can also infect and cause Tb in humans (very much less common than Mycobacterium tuberculosis), badgers, deer, goats, pigs, camelids (llamas and alpacas), dogs and cats, as well as many other mammals.

Biosecurity - Assessing risk on your farm

Tb biosecurity can be divided into cattle biosecurity and wildlife biosecurity.

Rate the quality of your farm's biosecurity.

The questions which follow are intended to assess the quality of your biosecurity as regards bovine Tb. We have attempted to weight each control measure according its relative importance. (*** being the highest and * the lowest).

The assessment is intended mainly for farms in Tb "hot spots" but the general biosecurity principles would apply to all farms. Every farm's biosecurity needs is different and should to be discussed with your veterinary surgeon.

You must select one of the answer options for each question. These will then be assessed according to the following key:


LowRisk Low Risk
MediumRisk Medium Risk
HighRisk High Risk

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