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Sheep Veterinary Congress

Ninth International Sheep Veterinary Congress - Excellence in Clinical Practice.  Harrogate, 22-26 May 2017.

The "Excellence in Clinical Practice Stream" at the Ninth International Sheep Veterinary Congress offers a unique opportunity to participate in the exchange of information regarding best practice in small ruminant medicine and surgery with fellow experts from around the world. Presentations by leading clinicians will review current evidence and provide the latest recommendations on diagnosis, treatment and prevention strategies relevant to everyday veterinary practice. In addition, presentations by UK clinicians will highlight current diseases, their diagnosis and treatment.  The five day "course" broadly covers the CertAVP(Sheep) syllabus and will provide encouragement and direction for practitioners aiming to undertake further postgraduate qualifications which will result in formal acknowledge of their expertise as advanced veterinary practitioners.

The attached leaflet lists 36 hours of talks included in the clinical CPD stream at the International Sheep Veterinary Conference, May 22-26 in Harrogate.  The programme has been specially designed for UK farm animal practitioners and details recent advances in sheep health and production. Further information and registration details are available at the website: This will be the most comprehensive sheep CPD event ever held and its success depends upon your participation.

For further details, visit the website at: jpg