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Book Review

2nd Edition Sheep Medicine by Phillip Scott BVM&S DVM&S CertCHP DSHP DipECBHM DipECSRHM FRCVS


Sheep Medicine Second Edition


  • Describes key sheep diseases encountered in general practice along with their diagnoses, treatment, prognoses, and control
  • Covers diseases by body system-musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, urinary, respiratory, and reproductive
  • Includes separate chapters on the respiratory system and the foot
  • Includes new diseases and conditions including Schmallenberg virus, anthelmintic resistance, CVM, pelvic nerve paralysis, and updates on Bluetongue disease
  • Presents new treatments as well a new names for parasites and bacteria
  • Contains new clinical cases
  • Features learning based upon acquisition of clinical skills, rather than memorizing endless facts
  • Includes more than 800 images and illustrations, including images from ultrasound and radiology
  • Distills the author's nearly 40 years of clinical experience


We all need a practical go-to reference book and what better than an abundantly illustrated text by a well-recognised expert in the field.  This second edition of Sheep Medicine is a fully updated version of the first edition with significant alterations to the text.  A considerable number of the many images have been replaced with further high-quality photographs.

Unsurprisingly it retains the author's characteristic style and opinions - with little slack allowed for either the sheep practitioner who has not paid close attention to a systematic assessment of the evidence or the sheep farmer who has compromised on animal welfare.

The book is structured around body systems and there is a useful and detailed list of the contents to guide the reader.  The book ends with questions on 30 illustrated clinical cases to allow for self-assessment and add particular value as a tool for continuing professional development.

In short, this book is a 'must-have' for all sheep examination preparations - whether the academic variety by veterinary students or the clinical variety by general practitioners.


June 12th 2015