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NADIS Mobile Application

The NADIS mobile application has been designed as a way for users to access the NADIS animal health information at their fingertips.


The first stage of the development of the App is complete and we are now working to convert the entire NADIS website Disease A-Z to App format (Android and iPhone platform) so you can look up all diseases affecting livestock and view the latest Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert webinars. Free to download, the App can be found in the iTunes store by searching for 'NADIS' and choosing the relevant App for your particular field of interest. This easy to use tool has been developed for veterinary professionals, farmers and SQPs. This portable resource takes into consideration that veterinary professionals and livestock handlers are increasingly incorporating digital technology into their daily practices.

The App features short summaries, video clips and a full library of clinical images, taking users through visual and behavioural cues so that diseases can be identified early. The cause, diagnosis, prevention and control for each disease are given supported by a full clinical gallery. Users have the opportunity to test their knowledge by completing the App quizzes to gain CPD points that can be converted towards a City and Guilds qualification.

There is also a fertility module demonstrating practical management techniques to aid livestock handlers to improve productivity on the farm by reminding them of what signs to look for and when.

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