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Improve your profits with better health. As part of the Rural Development Programme of England to improve horse health, welfare and farm profitability NADIS has developed a comprehensive health resource for farmers and vets. Click on the health issues affecting your horses and find out more. When you have finished , why not try the quiz and receive a Horse Health Certificate from NADIS. The old saying "prevention is better than a cure" has never been more relevant. Disease prevention is most effective as part of an active veterinary health plan.

Many veterinary practices are using the material to carry out horse health training programmes for their farmers , so contact your vet for more information or go to your regional events page to find out what events are being held by your practice.

The health conditions used for veterinary meetings are marked "Vet KT".VET KT Logo.

The online quiz for each condition is accessible via a link at the bottom of each vetKT article. If vets want to print out hard copies of the quiz for seminars etc. the "QUIZ" link downloads a PDF printable version. If a bulletin is marked (part bulletin) it is a part bulletin and comes from a bulletin which covers a group of conditions.

The RDPE, programme is jointly funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, DEFRA, EBLEX and Merial Animal Health.

The subjects covered so far in the horse health training programme are: (Scroll down and click for article or corresponding quiz)